New blog. New beginning. And other clichés people like to hear.

Anyway, I started this blog for a reason. I like writing. I like computers. It was not exactly hard to find a common ground. Long story short, this blog will feature random articles related to technology and computer science, that we hope people will benefit from and learn a thing or two.

Did I use the word ‘we’? I sure as hell did. There will be two of us posting once a week each. If our schedule is ever a bit off, I strongly recommend not crying about it. However, we will try to stick to a schedule as hard as we can.

The articles, may or may not be technical. I can assure you though, that we will definitely not be posting about Kendall Jenner’s latest outfit, unless it’s in some weirdly twisted way, related to the theme of the blog. For instance, if her latest outfit was 3D-printed using a quantum computer, you can bet your sweet rump that you’d find a post about it.

I have kept the comments open, for we’d really like to interact with you guys and would love your opinion on any of our article or our blog. While we are receptive towards criticism and are, if we feel you are being an anus, you can expect to have your comment removed. Freedom of speech, ironically, has it’s limitations and we expect you to understand that.

Since this is a blog about computers and technology, our content will most likely not contain any offensive material or come with an NSFW tag. If readers do severely object to any of our content and can provide rational reasons other than a whiny “It offends my holier-than-thou bottom and my narrow view of the world”, we will gladly consider taking it down. Well, not gladly, because we obviously put work into the offending post, but we will consider taking it down.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog and we hope you recommend it others as well.



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